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Laureus World Sports Awards 2014

Done and Dusted
Rigging scenic elements
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Held in Kuala Lumpur, the Laureus World Sports Awards 2014 were staged at the Istana Budaya, the National Theatre of Malaysia, where a four man rigging crew from Unusual, headed by senior project manager Steve Porter, worked alongside Paddy Hocken from production company Done and Dusted to create a set that would be seen by millions worldwide:

  • Unusual Rigging supplied winches to track two video screens, plus a variety of specialist rigging components not available in the region to overcome the challenges of suspending scenic elements in the theatre’s existing mechanical flying system
  • Among the scenic elements were several holographic cubes: 2 x 3m² cubes were flown from the flybars; 1 x 6m² cube was tracked on and off stage.
  • To overcome the challenge of ensuring the cubes could move quickly and safely, despite a large amount of obstructive rigging and suspended scenery, Unusual devising a system using their own diverters and pulleys in tandem with the venue’s point hoists.