As the leading supplier of technical services and solutions, rigging has been the heart and soul of our business since Unusual was formed in 1983.

Our services are in demand across a broad spectrum, including theatre, concert, opera, events, spectacles, exhibition, film, television, museums and construction.

Every project is unique and we pride ourselves on providing innovative yet cost effective solutions to realise a designer’s ideas, calling on the talents of a committed in-house team of designers, engineers, project managers and NRC accredited riggers.

Our vast knowledge bank is informed with projects small, medium and very prestigious, including:

  • HM The Queen’s Golden Jubilee
  • The Commonwealth Games
  • The Weather Project at Tate Modern
  • La Princesse – the 15m, 30 ton spider created for Liverpool City of Culture.

To find out more, please email our sales department or speak to us on 01604 830083.


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