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banner image ©Unusual Rigging
banner image ©Unusual Rigging
banner image ©Unusual Rigging
One of the masterpieces of design by Frank Matcham, the Bristol Hippodrome first opened its doors in 1912 and boasted several unique features, including a 100,000 gallon water tank which could be filled in just one minute!

In 2012, the arrival of The Lion King UK tour meant the Hippodrome’s roof truss required upgrading. Although The Lion King’s total weight does not exceed the limits of the Hippodrome, most of the weight is concentrated in the downstage area, necessitating the strengthening of the four roof truss bays, enabling each one to take the full weight at any one time:
  • Theatre’s show load upgraded from an evenly distributed 30 tonnes to single roof truss bays capable of carrying 30 tonnes
  • Four bays of 15m x 2.5m strengthening truss
  • 8 tons of steel
  • Installed in 10 days
  • Two crash decks installed in a single day
  • Upright truss stage left and right also strengthened.

With thanks to Sheetfabs for their assistance with welding and fabrication.

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