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Harrogate International Centre

Wates Construction
1550 sq m modular Tension Wire Grid
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In 2011 Harrogate’s purpose-built International Centre completed a major project to create a 20% increase in capacity. Two new halls offer an extra 3,100 sq m of exhibition space, as well as providing the town with significant additional space for evening events.

Unusual Rigging was contracted to design, manufacture and install a 1,550 sq m modular Tension Wire Grid:

  • 36 custom designed and built panels, 25 of which are 8m x 7m, the remainder being angled to accommodate the shape of the hall
  • 2.5kN per square metre load capacity
  • Deflection of no more than 50mm
  • 70mm pitch
  • 55,000m of 4mm stainless steel wire rope manufactured into 7337 individual ropes
  • Grid is 7m above floor level, with 2.5m head height.

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