An Unusual Game, Set and Match

19th August 2019

Our cable camera jobs are earning us quite a reputation – so much so that this summer, we were honoured to be asked by ACS (Aerial Camera Systems) to provide our services for Wimbledon Fortnight.

Pole positions for Kartfest 2019

18th July 2019

Into its fifth year and showing accelerated signs of becoming the ‘go to’ industry event; Kartfest was yet again a resounding success.

A ray of hope on the circular economy

8th July 2019

Unusual's director,head of sustainability and SiPA advocate, Tom Harper, co-presented a talk at this year's ABTT alongside David Evans from the National Theatre Wales.

Smile! You're on cable camera

22nd May 2019

Our work with cable camera suppliers, isn't something we're all that well known for, but it's certainly become something we're doing more and more of.

A year in pictures

11th April 2019

It's been a really, really busy first quarter here at Unusual Rigging.

It's OK to not be OK

12th March 2019

Our operations manager Lizzie Richmond recently embarked on a two day Mental Health First Aid course run by the St John's Ambulance.

An Unusual commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

24th January 2019

Unusual's Tom Harper, Director and Head of Sustainability takes a look at how the company is committed to meeting the UNs Sustainable Development Goals

Happy New Year. . .or is that Busy New Year?

15th January 2019

We're well into January now – and it feels almost a little too late to be saying Happy New Year. Nevertheless, we ended 2018 on a high.

It's the most wonderful Slime of the year

10th December 2018

Given the time of year, chances are, if you told your friends you saw two 8m slugs flying above the skies of Chelsea, they'd think you'd had a few too many drinks at the office Christmas party.

When time is on our that IS Unusual

4th December 2018

It's not often we have time on our side. So many of our projects see us brought in at the 11th hour to perform some sort of last ditch rescue mission that this is how we're used to working – quickly, efficiently and under immense pressure.

Christmas is coming...

16th November 2018

Thanks to a generous dose of sunshine this year, it feels as though summer has barely ended.

Theatres Trust Conference 18: Adapt & Thrive

9th October 2018

We're hugely looking forward to the upcoming Theatres Trust annual conference and this year we're extremely proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of this event alongside Theatre Projects.

Head Above Water - let's talk about mental health

20th September 2018

If you were taking a stroll along London’s South Bank last weekend, you most likely spotted something: a giant wooden head mounted on the end of Queens Stone Jetty, standing between 15 & 20 meters above the water depending on the tide.

The nominations are in...

14th September 2018

Another year - another rigging conference - albeit in a different guise.

PLASA Rigging Conference gets a shake up

17th August 2018

PLASA, together with Chris Higgs, having liaised with the sponsors, have been very busy working on a new format Rigging Conference which will take place next month.

Some Unusual memories - Robin Elias

26th July 2018

I’ve been asked to blog about one of my most defining memories of working with Unusual...and this one is up there with some of the best. But of course, the best are almost always the most challenging.

Celebrating 100 years of the RAF

16th July 2018

The RAF celebrated its 100th birthday last week, with a line up of events that were covered by the world's media

This is a man's world...or is it?

25th June 2018

Guest blogger, Emily Egleton, our brilliant (female) design engineer, discusses how she sees herself in the industry, how things have changed and of course, how she thinks things need to change in order to attract more women into, dare we say it, one of the most rewarding jobs going.

Well done ABTT!

15th June 2018

It's been a busy couple fo weeks for us, what with an extremely successful couple of days at the ABTT Theatre Show and prior to that the ITEAC Conference where we were global sponsors.

When Mother Nature is your most demanding client

15th May 2018

The next few months will see us undertake some weather-related projects.

Flying High at RAF Museum, Hendon

3rd May 2018

We've been working with Premier Construction magazine this month.

Hello and welcome!

16th April 2018

Welcome to our blog, a new feature of our website which we've introduced as a way of keeping you up to date with what we’re doing, either behind the scenes or as a way of giving you a little bit of insight into projects where we have to be discreet.