Wherever anything is being moved or lifted, then the associated machinery must be maintained in good, safe working order. The easiest way to do this is to have regular maintenance inspections, a service that Unusual Rigging provides on request.

Where our own equipment, such as hoists and winches, is out on hire, then we inspect and service that equipment as a matter of course. We also offer a maintenance and inspection service for all permanently installed equipment, whether purchased from Unusual Rigging or not.

As the UK distributor for many of the products in our inventory, we keep a full complement of spare parts, so there’s no delay in repair. Our staff also receive regular product training by the relevant manufacturers, as well as relevant Health & Safety training, so they are fully up to date with both the kit and regulations.

Our work conforms to Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER), which specify that chain hoists require annual certification, while all items ‘under the hook’, such as shackles, slings, etc, must have a thorough inspection at least every six months.

You can rely on Unusual Rigging to maintain your equipment to the highest standards: we will contact you to remind you when a maintenance visit is due and keep records of all work carried out.

When equipment is properly maintained, all should be well. On the odd occasion when things do go wrong, we respond promptly to ensure – you guessed it – that the show does go on!

To find out more about our maintenance and inspection service, please email us or talk to us on 01604 830083.

"Unusual's work has been instrumental in not only helping to prevent premature failure of the cables on the London Eye but also to avoid significant capital expenditure on a steel cable replacement programme. The improvement in the actual look of the London Eye is an additional (and very welcome) benefit."

Mark Robinson, Technical Operations Manager, London Eye