With a total site area of 4.75 acres, Unusual Rigging carries probably the largest hire stock of truss, variable speed hoists and winches, control and all other rigging equipment in the UK. Whether you work in a producing theatre or touring company, on corporate events, in TV, film, a museum or gallery, or in the exhibition industry, we can help you suspend and move things.

You can hire just the equipment, or employ our highly skilled crews to carry out the installation for you – the choice is yours. With our staff, you will have the services of the best riggers in the UK. We are proud of the fact that most of our riggers have Level 2 Rigging Certificates or higher, and are fully trained in equipment handling, something that few other rigging companies can boast.

For further information or to hire any of our equipment, please email us or call us on 01604 830083. 

“Unusual’s Revolution motor winch provided a really quick fix to a technical problem in our flying system. The versatility and modular nature of the Revolution enabled us to install it in our rig really easily, giving us a highly controllable winch within a very short space of time.”
Ashley Pickles, Technical Manager, Systems & Maintenance, Barbican Theatre