Welcome to our blog, a new feature of our website which we've introduced as a way of keeping you up to date with what we’re doing, either behind the scenes or as a way of giving you a little bit of insight into projects where we have to be discreet. 

Such is the incredible selection of projects that come our way, we would love to be able to shout about them all. But for all of those that we do get to boast about, there are other projects that are just as important, just as spectacular and just as challenging that we can’t talk about. For example, earlier this year, we were contacted by several broadcast channels who wanted to involve us in a feature they were filming about a major sporting event. Opportunities like this – to be identified in the national press for the work we do – don’t come around very often, but we had to decline. Having signed an NDA, not only would that five minutes of fame have jeopardised our working relationship with that client, it would have tarnished our reputation across the industry. It simply wasn’t worth it.

In October last year, we worked on a stunning launch event in London: a team of aerial acrobats put on a beautiful ballet down the side of a new building in the City of London. Anyone who walked past the building that night had the pleasure of witnessing a spectacular performance – itwas by no means a secret event – but the clients expressed a wish to be kept out of the lime-light, so they were.

There's no doubt you'll have seen our work, perhaps even wondered if we're the people behind it. But our clients value our discretion and because we want to continue doing this amazing work for them, we sign the NDA and abide by its terms...to the letter.

So by all means keep checking in on us, look at the amazing projects we can tell you about, and keep yourself entertained by guessing about all the things we have to keep secret.

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