The entertainment industry received a much needed glimmer of hope this week with the announcement of a £1.5 billion pound rescue package. This is indeed welcome news, though it remains to be seen how this investment will support the wide array of players within the whole of the arts and culture ecosystem. This is undoubtedly the elephant in the room at the moment – until we know more, there is little scope for us, the service companies to breathe a sigh of relief. We expect the venues will receive the support and this is obviously great news. We hope of course that this will be distributed out as payment to the many venue staff, then the current production in hiatus, then cast, crew etc...and then, perhaps us.

This may allow for a revision to the renegotiated rental deals with various producers but only time will really tell how this money will filter through.  We are part of a very delicate supply chain and this pledge of support alone is not enough to support the thousands of us behind the scenes.

And while we await the day that performers can stand on stage and entertain the audiences, it is vital to remember that without those of us at the bottom of the supply chain, there would be no stage to stand on, no sound to hear the performance, no light to see the actors at work, no trickery or special effects. Without these vital components, the theatres themselves are merely empty buildings.
We will continue to support the #wemakeevents campaign and all the other initiatives geared up to getting our industry recognised for the support it needs.

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