Our support for the #wemakeevents campaign ramped up a notch last week when we invited some riggers and an aerial performer to take part in a photo shoot to highlight the plight of our industry. With Unusual's technical director Robin Elias directing the shoot, photographer Pete Haze did an astounding job of capturing a series of strong and powerful images with the riggers and aerial performer silhouetted against a vibrant red background.

While the original brief was to produce images of riggers, Robin said: "I was keen to take it one step further because as an industry, we know that without events there are no jobs for entertainment riggers, but I think it's important that those outside the industry realise that without riggers, there can be no events.  It's vital that to get support from outside of our industry the general public need to appreciate what they could potentially lose. We worked with aerialist Miriam Wolanski to create a series of 'action shots' – none of which would be possible – despite the artist's incredible talent – without the skill, expertise and attention to safety of the riggers involved."

The latest set of announcements by Prime Minister Boris Johnson appear to be moving the goal posts for the re-opening of live events ever further. The truth is while the gap between the goal posts continues to widen, the ability for our industry to stay afloat for an indefinite amount of time is simply unfeasible. Jobs and livelihoods will be lost without further support which is why #wemakeevents is so vital. Because we won't make events if the government leaves us in the lurch.