Who saw the pictures in the press last week of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, giggling behind sequined masks as they posed for photos in front of some rather magnificent looking elephants? https://www.instagram.com/clarencehouse/

This was all in aid of the annual Animal Ball held to raise money for Elephant Family – a charity established by Camilla's late brother, Mark Shand – a passionate conservationist. Guests at the celebrity filled evening reception included designer Vivienne Westwood, actor Douglas Booth and artist Tracey Emin.

But the real stars of the show were the elephant sculptures which were placed within the grounds for the occasion (by none other than Unusual Rigging). Each elephant sculpture is based on an actual elephant. They are very delicate but can weigh up to 350kgs, so the challenge lies in getting them from A to B and in designing the right base detail.

We were brought on board by Elephant Family earlier this year to help bring this project to life. They've already made an appearance at well known shopping outlet Bicester Village in Oxfordshire (where they have just been reinstated) and over the coming year, 100 of these beautiful creatures which were created within the jungles of Tamil Dadu from the invasive weed, Lantana Camara, will be placed around the Royal Parks.

Unusual Rigging will be responsible for ensuring that all 100 sculptures are secured firmly and safely to the various ground coverings that they're placed on, with different methods required depending on what surface we're working with.

The hope is to raise $10 million for human wildlife coexistence projects – we are very proud to be a part of this amazing effort.

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