Two years ago, we were privileged to be a part of Processions– a once in a lifetime mass participation artwork which celebrated one hundred years of votes for women. Women and girls from across the UK came together to mark the historic moment as part of a living portrait of women in the 21st century.

On Sunday 10th June 2018, women and girls in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London came together. Wearing either green, white or violet (the colours of the suffragette movement), the Processions appeared as a flowing river of colour through the cities’ streets.

We were brought on board by organisers Artichoke to act as the technical production company for the London event. Our role on this project was to facilitate all the technical elements – from the barriers, the marquees and road closures to stage management, security, production management, sound, signage and toilet facilities. In addition the truss gantry at the end of the march route was overseen by our senior rigger Leon Ingram.

Therefore, we were delighted to be asked to provide the rigging solution to hang all the banners involved in the Processions for a new exhibition called Women Making History. This free exhibition of over 100 banners made by women’s groups and artists across the UK, opened last week at Drill Hall, London Scottish House and will remain open to the public until 11 July.

Using a proprietary truss system, we spanned the hall from the upper balcony to provide all the necessary hanging points and lighting bars required to display the banners as per the design provided by the Artichoke team. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Artichoke again to display these wonderful artworks celebrating the suffragette movement.

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