We're hugely looking forward to the upcoming Theatres Trust annual conference and this year we're extremely proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of this event alongside Theatre Projects.
These events have always opened the arena for discussion and debate and everyone seems to come away energised – having learnt from others' experiences, shared knowledge and full of plans to work out a future plan.

Theatre is in the blood of everyone who works at Unusual – and nothing gets us more excited about being involved with the latest big scale production or major renovation of one of the country's performance venues – whether that's a big West End theatre or a 'temporary' opera pavilion.
This year's conference theme is Adapt and Thrive – and will encourage us to look at how changing artistic, business and operating models in the theatre sector are impacting on how we build, adapt and run our theatres so that they are fit for purpose and continue to thrive.

This is a particularly pertinent subject – over the years, we have worked in almost every London theatre and in countless other venues across the UK. Much of what we do – upgrading and restoring some of the most fantastic 100+ year buildings – ensures that they can continue to operate as performance spaces – often regarded as world class post-renovation, for many years to come.
There's no denying that as productions get more visually spectacular, they're also getting heavier and many of our older venues are simply unable to cope the demands that are being placed upon them. But we also know that in this business, the show must go on – venues can't afford to be out of action for months on end while renovation work takes place.

In the UK, our theatres are a part of our unique heritage. It is vital that debate and discussion continues and develops on the subject to enable us to put plans and funding in place to ensure that these treasured venues are not ignored and left to decay,  so that UK theatres continues to be the envy of the world.
We are excited to be a part of what is certain to be an emotive conference – no-one can work in this industry and not feel immensely protective and passionate about the future of our theatres – we're certain an interesting discussion will be guaranteed.

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