Unusual clocks on for 9 to 5 the Musical

18th April 2019

"They just use your mind, and they never give you credit...." are the lyrics from one of Dolly Parton's most famous country classics. But when the hit show 9-5 The Musical stumbled into the west end with a bubbling cup of ambition, the show's production team brought Unusual Rigging on board to facilitate a tight grid, plan, tricky proscenium and front of house rigging. And Simon Marlow, production manager, is more than happy to give the Unusual team credit for their role.

"I have worked with Unusual Rigging for many years and they have never let me down. I have a good relationship (and two way trust) with Unusual and also enjoy having the riggers onsite – so there was no other option for this production – I needed them on board."

9-5 The Musical is a stylish West End musical in a small musical theatre, The Savoy Theatre, built by Briggete D'Oilly Carte for her Gilbert and Sullivan operas.  A grade 1 listed venue, it has a very challenging load in dock (a 4m drop through a very small load in opening) and difficult front of house positions for a production which incorporates human flying and a large, heavy and delicate video wall.

"Unusual, as usual, were totally unfazed," said Simon. "They drew the hanging plot, liaised with all departments, then as always provided the methods, equipment and correct skills on site to do it, working with Foys on the human flying elements and providing motors and truss as required to make everything work flawlessly."

He added: "Special mention goes to Emily Egleton, one of the Unusual design engineers, for facilitating the project. She knows how I work and has a wonderful grasp of theatre, understanding design plans instinctively and providing the hanging plot and drawings. The Unusual team always knows what a job entails and can support it, even if we have underestimated it. "

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