Unusual Rigging appoints four new directors to the board

16th April 2018

Unusual Rigging has appointed four new directors to the board in response to the company's exponential growth over recent years. The new directors, all current employees at Unusual will, in time assume specific leadership roles within the company. Senior project managers, Steve Porter, Simon Stone and Simon Tiernan, together with Tom Harper, Unusual's sustainability coordinator have accepted positions on the board and Alan Jacobi, managing director at Unusual said: "Unusual has grown at an unprecedented rate in recent years and now has responsibilities in very defined but different sectors where the clients expect to deal with officers at the highest level. This, together with the ever increasing compliance requirements meant that we had to take measures to ensure the board is not overstretched."

He continued: "We needed to regenerate the thread of continuity as we move forward and continue to grow and the board needs to reflect this intention in the management and governance of the company. We need a solid and secure base to guide us into the future where no doubt the responsibilities will be ever more demanding."

Speaking on behalf of the newly appointed directors, Tom Harper commented: "It is an honour to be invited to sit on the board of Unusual Rigging.  We are all long-standing employees of the company and have been a part of the team for nearly thirty years. We all know the company inside out and all share the same aspirations for its future."

Alan added: "We have been discussing these issues for some time now and decided at the beginning of the year, that to help meet the exciting challenges in our markets, we should expand our board of directors to include those who currently lead the larger sectors of our business and who are recognised and respected in the wider industry for their loyalty and expertise. I am confident that with these new appointments, Unusual's future will be in safe hands."