Unusual Rigging moves NRC assessments to Northamptonshire

1st February 2012

Unusual Rigging has announced that, with immediate effect, all its NRC assessments will take place at the company’s facility in Bugbrooke, Northampton, including any originally scheduled for Earls Court.

Robin Elias, technical director at Unusual , explains: “Earls Court is out of commission for several months this year, as it’s one of the Olympic venues, and this made the booking system difficult. We felt it was easier for all concerned to move assessments to Northampton. We’re easy to reach from most parts of the country, the facilities here are excellent – and we lay on a pretty good lunch!”

Unusual Rigging offers four assessment days each month, more than the other companies in the scheme, and last year assessed 55 riggers at Level 2 and 33 at Level 3.

With all the various events scheduled to take place in 2012, this year will be a busy one for riggers: Unusual estimates it will be booking 30% more riggers than last year, with much of the work taking place over the summer months.

Current assessment dates scheduled for 2012 at Unusual Rigging are:

Level 2: 27/28 February; 23/24 April; 28/29 May; 25/26 June; 24/25 September
Level 3: 29 February 2012-01 March; 25/26 April; 30/31 May; 27/28 June; 26/27 September

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