Tom Harper Appointed as Unusual Rigging Managing Director

11th May 2020

Following the death of Alan Jacobi in April, Unusual Rigging has announced that Alan’s son Tom Harper will take on the role of managing director, with Alan’s wife Peta appointed as chairwoman. Beyond this change, the Board will continue to lead the Unusual team, directing the overall strategy of the business and assessing how best to respond to all future opportunities and challenges.
 “The consequences of losing AJ are great,” says Tom “and his absence will be felt, both by his family, colleagues, and the industry as a whole for many years to come. As a business, there are obvious implications that need to be addressed which in turn, honour AJ’s wishes regarding succession. AJ shared with Peta and myself that after he was gone, Peta would become the company Chairman, and I would become the MD”.    
This strategy was recently reviewed and approved by the Board, which was formed in 2018 when Unusual was faced with exponential growth, and was enhanced by further directors – Simon Stone, Steve Porter, Simon Tiernan and Tom Harper, who each took on specific leadership roles within the organisation.
AJ said at the time, “We needed to regenerate the thread of continuity as we move forward and continue to grow, and the Board needs to reflect this intention in the management and governance of the company. We needed a solid and secure base to guide us into the future where responsibilities are growing ever more demanding”.  
And now”, says Tom, “Our industry is facing challenges never before contemplated. Yet despite the extraordinarily difficult circumstances due to COVID-19, we have great confidence in Unusual’s ability to respond robustly, demonstrate its resilience and ensure AJ’s legacy is wholeheartedly continued.” 
AJ was laid to rest on the 29th of April, with the funeral cortege making a final trip past the company’s Bugbrooke HQ, where colleagues gathered and lined the road, paying their final respects.
“My family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their condolences, “Tom concluded. “Our loss is great, but made all the more bearable knowing that the Unusual family and the industry as a whole stands with us.”
Tom also wishes to offer, on behalf of his family, condolences to those affected by AJ’s death, knowing how much he meant to many people in his own unique way. “We hope you all keep talking about him ? with us and between yourselves ? to keep his spirit alive and to continue the success of this fantastic company which he founded, nurtured and loved.”

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